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Soleil Management was established in January 2001 and provides management services in Nevada and Hawaii. We consider ourselves one of the most dynamic and resourceful management companies in the region. Our staff of professionals is well-versed in the management services arena and able to provide superior service and state-of-the-art technology to our clients.

Professional Affiliations


Interval International

Community Associate Institute


Vacation Ownership Resort Management

Soleil Management's commitment to excellence is absolute. We strive for the highest level of quality, understanding the need to keep expenses low. With that in mind, we partner with our clients to generate a profit for the owners’ associations through the resort’s on-site revenue centers, rather than relying solely on maintenance fees for revenue.

Reservations Call Center
Soleil Management provides top-of-the-line efficiency and service to all callers with our toll-free reservation hotline. Our professionally trained and friendly staff of call center representatives can help owners and guests easily and quickly make reservations, in addition to exchanging or banking weeks.

Resort Operations
Soleil Management offers the full spectrum of services required in the operation of vacation ownership resorts. We are able to customize our services based on each resort’s unique requirements.
· Hospitality services
· Specialized guest services
· On-site retail shop operations
· Bid specifications
· Comment card analysis
· Disaster preparedness
· Property management
· Grounds and landscaping
· Resort operations
· Front desk operations
· Recreational and social activities
· Production, review and analysis of bids
· Business insurance/Risk management
· Board and annual meeting preparation
· Monthly reports (occupancy, employee performance, etc.)
· Housekeeping
· Maintenance and refurbishment building and HVAC

Financial Management
Soleil Management top-notch staff of accounting and financial professionals are able to offer numerous financial services to vacation ownership resorts.
· Business planning
· Annual operating budgets
· Cash flow forecasting
· Cash management and investing
· Assessment billing & collection
· Coordinating borrowing needs
· Finance
· Reserves management and analysis
· Monthly financial statements and variance analysis
· Inventory management with deed and title coordinator
· Coordinate annual audit and tax preparation
· Full accounting services including general ledger aged accounts

Human Resources
Soleil Management understands that it takes the best of the bunch to get the job done right. Therefore, our Human Resources Department ensures only the best people are hired to work at Soleil Management.
· Employment procedures
· Training and development
· Payroll processing
· Safety programs
· Employee benefit structuring
· Policy and procedures manual review
· Oversee/supervise all department heads

Soleil Management believes communication is key in management services.
· Owner mailings and newsletter
· Association administration
· Legislative review and monitoring
· Election administration
· Owner correspondence tracking and response
· Owner database maintenance
· Board of directors updates
· Association legal compliance
· File retention
· Meeting minutes

Community/Condominium Association Management

Soleil Management's mission is to provide each and every one of our community/condominium associations with all of the tools necessary to achieve and maintain a neighborhood of which their homeowners will be proud.

Soleil Management acknowledges that each association is unique. Rather than “boilerplate” agreements and services used by many management companies, we will carefully tailor a management program designed specifically for the individual needs of your association.

Management Services
· On-site management or periodic site inspections as necessitated by your community
· Attendance at meetings
· Collection of common charges, including close monitoring of arrearages and serving as liaison to the association’s collection attorney
· Preparation and distribution of notices, reports, meeting minutes and other correspondence as requested by the board
· Maintenance of interest-bearing operating and reserve accounts in the name of the association
· Accounts payable service
· Monthly computerized financial reporting which includes the following:
  » Balance Sheet
  » Income Statement
  » Budget vs. Actual
  » General Ledger
  » Cash Disbursements Journal
  » Member Receivable Report
  » Cash Flow Reports and Projections
  » Assistance in the development of the fiscal budget and annual audit
  » Customized reporting for special needs
  » Monthly or quarterly management reports
· Negotiation on behalf of the association for services such as utilities, refuse removal and landscaping
· Project management of large community/condominium construction projects such as rehabilitation projects, additions and upgrades
· Negotiation on behalf of the association for services of contractors for special projects
· Implement and manage a community/condominium Web site to increase communications with your community, increase revenue through advertising, owner accessibility to personal account history, etc.
· Supervision of contract services
· Detailed service history reporting
· Production of newsletters and special publications
· Management of amenities and facilities
· Crisis management and assistance with special projects such as builder transitions, by-law amendments and other conditions or problems that may impact the community
· Monday through Friday business hours and toll-free telephone access available to all homeowners, with 24-hour emergency assistance

Financial Services
We are very proud of the education and experience our staff possesses in accounting, finance and financial analysis. Because of this great resource, we are able to provide numerous financial services to community/condominium associations. We can customize reports to meet the specific needs of our clients, providing them with an accurate and understandable system, which will allow you to account for every dollar.

· Customized reporting
· Preparation of cash basis and accrual basis reports
· Preparation of monthly cash flow and budget comparisons
· Monthly variance reports
· Preparation of monthly rent roll
· Monthly receivables & aging report
· Monthly distributions to owners or calculation of cash required
· Monthly rent statements
· Expense reconciliation
· Tenant account auditing
· Cash management, including maintaining money market and checking accounts
· Compliance with providing property information for loan covenants
· Coordinate property audits
· Coordinate project tax return

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